Etsy weekly feature

By Anne-Julie

Coucou tout le monde! Ce post est mon premier de ce que j’appelle mes “weekly features”, sorte de petite mise en avant de toutes les choses que j’ai aimé ces derniers jours sur le site ETSY. Je n’achète pas tout le temps, mais quand je le fais, c’est pour compléter ma petite collection d’Art, pour acheter du thé ou des accessoires et des bijoux… bref donc dès que j’ai du temps je “browse” beaucoup chez mes vendeurs favoris… (et je ferai mes commentaires en anglais ;))

English translation *

Hello my dears! I decided to have a “weekly feature”, and this one is my first one! I love so much to browse the lovely and amazing talented shops of my favorite sellers. I don’t buy much, but I love to grab some original paintings and some prints to complete my Art collection, I buy some Tea, some jewelry and accessories.. I do love ETSY.

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Lovely things from talented sellers!
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ella and ruth having a little talk
“ella and ruth having a little talk” by Cori Dantini

I just found today that little shop and I instantly fell in love with these little bugs! They’re so cute and so whimsi, that I couldn’t let another one grab this print. Don’t worry, she already listed another one! Be sure to visit the entire shop for more little beauties.


“Only Time will tell – Original Painting” by Xenia Schmidt

Okay!! That painting is no longer available because I bought it yes! But I wanted to show you that piece in particular, because it means a lot to me. Like Xenia said about her work, I like the mysterious and somewhat somber atmosphere of this painting. It’s all about confusing life when you don’t know the decisions you need to make and “only time will tell” if you chose right or wrong. I am amazed by Xenia’s paintings, and I just discovered today while talking with her that she’s a very sweet and funny girl!


light bulb handstamped antiqued sterling pendant
“and then a light went on in her” sterling pendant by Modern Mama

I was totally smitten by this one: I love to wear jewelry with a “meaning”. This shop is filled with such adorable and beautiful necklaces and pendants.


That’s all little folks, c’est tout pour aujourd’hui! :*

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Dans mon joli cabas

By Anne-Julie

Alors voilà , mon très joli cabas “Melle Héloise” me sert mettre tous les prints et autres petites choses empaquetés, commandés la semaine dernière via Etsy (et c’est très long à faire ça). Ce sont des commandes qui vont s’envoler vers les USA, le Portugal, les Pays-Bas, l’Allemagne et vers la France.


*oh les beaux paquets :)

Du coup, au passage, je termine par un peu de pub pour la boutique de “la Marelle Editions“, où l’on retrouve les frères jumeaux de mon cabas.. à bientôt!

English translation * * * *

Hello little folks :)
How have you been today? I went to the post-office today, with all my packages of my Etsy sales from last week. They’re now flying to their new homes in the USA, in Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany and France. It’s always very long to package them all, but I love doing it. Oh! In case you like my beautiful shopping basket, you can find it at this little French online shop: “la Marelle Editions“. Full of fantastic little things in here.

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By Anne-Julie

Hello tout le monde, j’espère que vous avez passé de bonnes vacances (malgré le sale temps qui règne sur la plupart des régions de France). Pour moi c’était grand soleil, famille et découvertes. Je n’ai pas vu passer le mois d’Août! En attendant d’autres news, à bientot :)

Souvenirs – digital illustration – Prints available in my Etsy shop!

english translation

Hi lmy sweets, hope you are all doing well. I’ve been on vacations, and it was fairly great! A new illustration: “souvenirs”.

See you very soon for other news :)

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